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Building Your Strategy - Specialization and Target 

What Is Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy?

real estate marketing strategy

Developing a solid action plan is challenging when you have to evaluate what works, what doesn't, and what to maximize to bring the best results. We believe that to be able to put together a successful marketing plan and turn it into an effective strategy, it must begin with an evaluation process.

Pro Step Marketing is the only real estate strategy team that helps pull all your tools together and implement a unique marketing system.Our team will provide you with a personal, one-on-one strategy, taking your web marketing to the next level. We help you build your brand, understand the power of target marketing on your website, integrate your existing tools (including IDX), increase your online presence with the major search engines.

Not sure what you should be evaluating and how to put it all together? That's where Pro Step Marketing comes in. We know nearly all of today's industry tools and how to maximize them. From "concept to completion," Pro Step Marketing creates systems that set you apart from the low to average results real estate professionals find with generic websites that haven't been tailored specifically for the real estate market. 

Step 1: Vision and Target- A good marketing strategy understands your business and where you want to grow your market share. A solid plan allows you to take more listings and then track your results. This creates a CLARITY of vision of what should be done and how it should be accomplished. We do a power call with you that is confidential and focused purely on your personal plan of attack. We offer a boutique approach with our services and feel that each client is different. We take the time to really "GET YOU" and help you for the long term.

Step 2: Creating or Improving Your Brand - As the foundation of your marketing strategy, branding creates a visual identity for you that reflects your target market. We are strong at creative direction and coming up with ways to position yourself in the marketplace that will allow you to step out from the ordinary and differentiate yourself from the sea of competitors. Depending on what we determine in Step 1, we can help you maximize your message and make sure that we are all on the same page.

Step 3: Carrying the Brand to all Marketing Channels - From print to web, we understand how to "smash" your brand across all your collateral material. Whether it's business cards, letterhead, listing flyers, online ads or website, our creative team will bring your brand to life and implement every component for you in design and creativity. Most importantly we know how to showcase your brand on the web effectively.

Step 4: Website Development - In Step 1, we critique and design your website navigation based on your objectives, target marketing and integration of tools you have already invested in for your business. We want to help you develop a design that incorporates your brand, common-sense navigation, unique IDX strategies and copy that engages the search engines. From target marketing to advanced IDX strategies - this is the engine of your marketing system!

Step 5: Interfusion Marketing Strategy and Search Engine Strategy - We strategize with you on how to maximize traffic to your site to build on your lead generation and provide a game plan to accomplish that goal. We have proven tools from farming elements, to Facebook strategies, Craigslist ads, and media advertising pieces that will "kick up" lead generation. Developing a great, lead-generating website doesn't happen overnight, but we can implement an advanced search engine optimization strategy that includes writing content, doing manipulation for keywords, link enhancement and blogging to make sure your site is at the top of the search engine rankings and stays there!

Step 6: First Priority Service - We are unique in our services, as we want to support you for the long term. After all, we have taken the time in the beginning to understand your target and where you want to grow. Our clients can retain our services in blocks of hours ranging from 5,10, to even 40 hours to keep their marketing system in peak performance mode without having to hire a full time salaried marketing director. We will keep you ahead of the competition; able to make ongoing changes to your marketing system and track your measurable results. The real estate industry constantly evolves, and we will continue to tweak your system to ensure you stay on top of industry trends and resources.

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